Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Ryan Gosling

I don’t know how interesting this post will be once I doubt that any of you have ever unnoticed this guy but in other hand there is no way I can leave him out of this blog.
Ryan Gosling is at the moment one of Hollywood´s pretty boys even though his “I don’t care” look may not always suit this statement. But this attitude and his mischievous smile is what makes him even more interesting.

Nature made a really good work on him but Ryan is not only beautiful and sexy he is a very hard working actor that already had an Academy Award nomination for best actor.

The list of movies is long: The Notebook, Stay, Half Nelson, Fracture, Blue Valentine, Drive, The ides of March, and many others. Long is also his relationship list, after all he is been linked to many pretty faces in the industry but the most publicized relationships were with the actresses Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams and Eva Mendes who is currently dating.
Isn’t he a peach? Look at these pictures and let me know!

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