Girls I Really Like: Alexa Chung

When I first heard about Alexa Chung I thought “why do so many people love this girl? She is not that special!” I was wrong of course.
Alexa is special, and mainly because of her very natural beauty and of course her style. She doesn’t need to be too pretty to stand up, she doesn’t need to be always glamorous to look fashion, and she keeps her cool breeze even being on the spotlight. She is the personification of a modern city woman that so many brands try to go after in order to sell.

She started as a model but it was as TV presenter and fashion journalist that came out. She is always in the front row of fashion weeks and is often considered one of the best dressed celebrities.
It´s her cool mood that eventually captivated me. It is not easy to maintain the serenity when you are always in the spotlight of fashion trends. She is still the girl next door but with expensive clothes, famous designer friends, and with a Mulberry bag named after her, “the Alexa bag”.





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