Girls I Really Like: Sara Carbonero

When we think about beauty stereotypes, green-eyed brunettes are for sure one of the most praise ones. Now put it on more details such as full lips, a perfect nose, sculptured body and we have a perfect human being that can be translate in one name… Sara Carbonero.

For those who don’t know who she is, Sara is a Spanish TV host and sport reporter who dates the famous Real Madrid and Spanish national team goalkeeper Iker Casillas.
Sara was already famous in Spain but she became worldwide famous after the video where she interviewed her boyfriend after the game that turned Spanish football team in the world champion. The video where Iker kissed her unexpectedly was all over TV, websites and social networks.

From journalist to girlfriend of the famous Iker Casillas and to fashion diva, she became a phenomenon of popularity. I really love her look, she is gorgeous but also very trendy. Her casual look but at the same time exquisite makes her the perfect girl next door. My favorite things about her? Her long and super brilliant hair and her love for bracelets.





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