Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Henry Cavill

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No its Superman!  Yes Henry Cavill is the new face of Superman but before getting this job he was titled one of the most unlucky promising actors because of the number of roles he lost. First was the batman role in the Batman begins trilogy (played by Christian Bale), then the role for James Bond, directors thought he would be too young to play Bond, and for the movie Superman Returs he also didn’t get the job.
But it was his destiny to play Superman and finally he got the role for the movie Man of Steel that will come out only next year.
Anyway Henry is probably most known by his role in the show The Tuddors where he played the character Charles Brandon for two years.
Henry is English, is 29 years old and Gorgeous! He will for sure be one of the most promising actors in the next years, special if he ends up playing Christian Grey. At least is what many gossip sites and magazines are saying, that he will be the actor playing the sadist millionaire from the best seller book The Fifty Shades of Grey.


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