Bronde Hair Trend

Bronde: the mix between Blonde and Brunette

I guess only now I found the name of my natural hair colour.

When I was a child my hair was light blonde but with the years it got darker. Anyway I always had some light areas that mixed with the brown made my hair a brownish blonde.
So is my hair light brown? Dark blonde? NO! My hair is Bronde! LOL
Apart from this introduction, what I really what to say is that Bronde is the colour of the moment.
Celebrities are rocking this trend and most of the dying hair brands already have their own bronde line.



  1. I love blonde or ombre too, but its quite damaging for the hair!

    xoxo, Colli

  2. Great post dear, I hope you visit my blog also. Keep in touch, pls. Best regards from Sarajevo.

  3. é uma cor/mistura de cores liiiiinda :D adoro!!

  4. Essas cores estão lindas mas não combinam comigo.
    Tenha um dia maravilhoso minha querida
    Beijos e carinhos

  5. Beautiful trend! I have dark brown hair... :)


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