Toxic Celebrity Relationships

10 couples with bad romance

Rich, famous, but also with a lot of sentimental problems, these celebrities can’t stay away from toxic lovers and a crazy love life. Why?

There are so many couples like this that that was really hard to choose only 10. Believe me there are a lot more that could be added to this list... unfortunately.
Pete Doherty and Kate Moss
It’s hard to believe that one of the most famous models in the world could ever date someone like Pete Doherty. More than love this relationship was linked mostly by drugs.

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson
Typical rock n roll drama! A crazy rock star with a hot blonde playmate, a sex tape and lots of alcohol bottles. It couldn’t work at all!

Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil
Another drug vs love relationship. Sad that this ended with Amy´s death. With her talent she deserved much more that a premature death.

Sean Penn and Madonna
I don’t know what’s his secret is but women lose their head about this man. The first one was Madonna that had a tempested marriage with Sean Penn and that once said has a history of domestic violence with him. 


Charlie Sheen and Brooke Muller
Fights, court and a lot of mutual accusations. This marriage was a mad roller-coaster. Also both confessed being heavy drugs users.


Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra
Short but very famous relationship between the model and the basketball player. She has a thing for crazy guys and he is a completely lunatic.

Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
Apparently she is the most calm of the Kardashian sisters but not the happier. She recently broke up with her longtime partner Scott that is known for being a party boy with addiction problems.

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson
Gay drama! Lindsay and Samantha dated for some time but always with up and downs. The main problem was jealously but Lindsay has such a big list of relationships that is hard to believe that this is the only problem with the couple.

Chris Brown and Rihanna
She is rich, super famous and so so beautiful but this didn’t make her strong enough to fight against a violent relation with Chris Brown. I never understood why she went back to him after all that happened. Anyway they are no longer together anymore.

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston
Another love story with a very sad end. After years of violence, drugs and alcohol Whitney divorced Bobby Brown but didn’t stop the vicious lifestyle.



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