Sport Chic Trend: Running Shorts

Get stylish with cute sportive shorts

The sporty style is still “in” and it will stay for the hot season, what’s great because sportive clothes are normally super comfortable, fresher and easier to control in the heat.

Let’s talk about running shorts! If you think you can only use it for the gym or track, you're wrong! It’s super trendy to wear them like any other day-to-day garment.

Of course that for being too short is not very advisable to use itat work, but in a friends get together or for a walk in the weekend you can and should use this garment.

My favorites are the floral print but there are plenty of colors, patterns that you can choose from. And the good thing: not only the famous sport brands sell them as well as any other big name stores like H&M or Asos, for super great prices!


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  1. You have a lovely blog <3 Love them! I bought one from Primark for 6 euros:)
    kisses ♥