Gold Eyeliner

Eyes and sunlights

As you may have noticed I don’t post about beauty so often, that’s why when I do it’s for sure about a good cause!

I don’t have a lot of patient for makeup. I like to use a little bit of mascara, a bb cream at that’s all for me. But as many as we women do, in Summer there are more opportunities for night outs and once it’s warm and cool we don’t use a lot of clothes so we can use more makeup, accessories, etc.

I really like this gold eyeliner trend. For people who don’t have so much practice with eyeliners the best thing it’s to apply a pencil or cream eyeliner instead of the liquid ones which needs more precision.

There are plenty of brands, from cheaper to more expensive or even different kind of shades. Just take a look!

1 – Max Factor €17; 2 – Cover Girl €3.69; 3 – MAC €20; 4 – Giorgio Armani €22;
5 – Chanel €21; 6 – YSL€22; 7 – Lâncome €23.85; 8 – YSL €28; 9 – Dolce and Gabanna €26


  1. Adorei :o Não sei se me vai ficar bem, mas vou experimentar :)

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  3. Gosto muito de ver :)