Girls I Really Like: Suki Waterhouse

Check the looks of Bradley Cooper’s girlfriend  

“From the London party scene to theHollywood A-list" is the tittle of one of the magazines covers with Suki Waterhouse and the best way to start talking about this girl.

Despite her 22 years, Suzi is already one of the most sought British models. It is one of the faces of Burberry, along with Cara Delevigne, one ofher best friends, and its Bradley Cooper´s girlfriend, what made her famous in the Hollywood red carpets.

For me, she is at the moment, one of the most chameleon models. She can have that innocent look of a girl that is getting out of school and in the other hand she often appearsin a grunge style,bohemian, which doesn’t care about being photographed with a mess hair and ripped jeans.

Love it!




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