Tod´s Gommino driving moccasins

Chic moccasins in every color you can imagine

Says who have tried these moccasins’ that there are no better ones. I´ve never tried but I think that just by looking at them we realize it’s a special shoe.

Comfort, flexibility and lightness are the key for the success of the Gommino driving shoes, the perfect accessory for a refined and versatile style. The price is high (each pair is up to 300 euros) compared with other brands but it’s for sure a shoe that will last a long time.

Take a look at the colors and materials available at Tod´s website.


  1. I love the light blue and the purple

  2. Os que têm cordões até me convencem...os outros nem por isso :/

  3. Tem cores muito giras mas não são para mim :p