Animal Print Swimwear

Wild beach prints… RAWRRR

I love bright colorful bikinis that can make my skin look tanner once I really have to fight with a lot of sun creams to help me to get a tan! However I don’t usually buy other patterns than the geometric or floral ones.

This year though one of the thingsI want to buy is an animal print bikini or swimsuit. In the past I used to think that this kind of print was more appropriate for older women, but now this trend is ok for younger people as well and there are so many cute pieces.
I love the leopard ones, probably my favorites, and I can for example mix a Leopard bikini top with a one color bottom.
What about you? Do you have any animal print swimwear?


  1. Se não for muito exagerado, gosto :)

  2. There are many beautiful pieces!!


  3. Una vez me han dicho que una mujer rusa es fácil encontrar en la playa, adoran los bikini con animal print. Puede ser verdad, jeje. Este año tengo un bikini de cebra, jaja. Un beso.