Men We Shouldn’t Ignore: Chris Martin

The one and only

He should have been the first guy in this section but I take this opportunity to explain that the order of appearance of these gentlemen is not by arrival.

Chris Martin is more than a teenager crush, is an idol, an inspiration. Besides being an attractive man, isa musician and a songwriter with an incredible talent.

The leader of Coldplay, my favorite band, has been part of several moments of my life, good ones and less good, for it is like adistant relative who understands meand is always present.

Chris is now a single man, but it’s probably not easy to win this man after him being married for so long withone of the most desirable women in Hollywood.
I'm ok on having only his voice and his songs! LOL



  1. A música "magic" é incrível :)

  2. Magnífico músico!!!
    Un beso