Swatch collection Fall-Winter 2013/14

I’m a huge fan of watches and if I don’t have or buy more is because it can be an expensive accessory. But there are brands that conceal the good price with a good product and in the world of watches, Swatch is definitely one of them.

I’m a Swatch fan since I was a kid, I used to have those rubber skinny ones with themes and I still have them all as a collection.

Till today I buy a swatch every year, well actually last year end up buying two, and my eyes are already looking for a new one.


With the fall-winter collection being launched I already made a selection of my favorites.

Take a look.




  1. Amei verdadeiramente o primeiro, em versão tortoise!


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  3. Eu tinha tantos swatch com bonecos e das mais variadas cores! Sempre gostei muito dessa marca! :D

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog ....
    great post ... I love it!

  5. Love all of these watches! Really nice items


  6. gostei muito do relógio do lado esquerdo