Girls I Really Like: Carlotta Oddi

The style of Anna Dello Russo assistant

I wonder how is to be assistant of one of the most important fashion personality in the world?

For sure is a very challenging job but if there is something she can’t complaint about is not to be in the center of fashion and trends.

Carlotta is Italian and loves leather jackets, studs and bows. I agree minus the bows but she likes them so much she even has a bow tattoo on her shoulder.


It was truly hard to choose pictures for this post because all her looks are amazing.

I hope you like and I’m sure you will agree that she is very trendy and an inspiration.



Carlotta and her mentor, Anna Dello Russo




  1. She has a beautiful sense of style the right person for the job.

  2. amazing look.

  3. Great inspiration!

  4. they even look like in the last photo! i like her style more than ADR's to be honest - so much more accessible

    steph /

  5. Love the pictures!!!!
    Kat |

  6. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    Love this inspiring photos, so stylish girl

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

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