Marble Prints

Not so popular but no less beautiful!

In today’s trends every print is permitted, from animal prints, to chess, flowers, etc and etc. Anyway the marble print is not so mentioned and actually it was one of the main prints in the Balenciaga show.

The fact is that the seductive swirl of marbling can make beautiful pieces, not only in grey but also in other colors. If you don’t believe check my shopping selection!



  1. This its a unique print I will not mind wearing.

  2. Não posso dizer que seja o meu padrão preferido de todos os tempos, mas adorei os sapatos Jeffrey Campbell e as sapatilhas Balenciaga, por exemplo :)

  3. Na roupa não sou fã mas os acessórios são lindos!

    R de Rita

  4. Love that marble print! as you say is not that popular but it also can be very elegant

  5. Love the mango dress marble print! So elegant


  6. Interesting pints))) Great post)))
    Do you want us to follow each other? Let me know!