The gala where people decided to dress ugly

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art hosted its annual Art + Film Gala where many celebrities rocked the red carpet with their looks.
Unfortunately I don’t understand what happened this year because I think I’ve never seen so many ugly dresses in the same event.

For some moment I wasn’t sure I wasn’t looking at some Halloween party…

– Not everyone is called Gwyneth Paltrow and it’s very difficult to dress something like this and look stunning. Somebody should have said this lady her legs are too short for this outfit. When I look at her makes me want to stretch her.

– Too much weirdness around here. Feathers, transparencies, and something in the neck that I don’t understand what it is. One word… Ugly!!

– Long and large sleeves with short bottoms don´t work! Statement necklaces yes but not when they look like you just got your head out of a flower pot.

– I don’t know what the hell this is. No guts for any comments whatsoever.

– Poor Amber, she looks three sizes bigger than what she is. What the hell was on her mind to choose this dress?

– Somebody decided to make an outfit with the old living room curtains.

– Such a beautiful girl and such a lack of style, this dress is so ugly it hurts too look. Too old fashion.

– I have a feeling I could do a dress like this on my own. The cut is so simple and the embroidery is so not classy.

– The dress was going ok but sadly the designer forgot to finish it. Poor China Chow I’m glad she didn’t forget the bra though.

– What´s the name of that bird from Sesame Street?


- Something is going on in the bottom of this dress. The color is not suitable for the lady. Sorry ma’am

– OMG Carmen Miranda is back and is in black! What the hell??

– I know some people buy things in the Chinese shops but not a dress for a Gucci gala right?

– I don’t know who they are but I’m afraid!! Jesus!

– Beyond the evil look this dress is not pretty at all!! Besides these two colors just don’t match!

– Something is very wrong with these people. The outfits are speechless

The ones that saved the night!!
- Amy Adams, simple but chick.

- Florence Welch, you never disappoint me my dear. Love the hairdo.

- I really like the color and the dress is beautiful special in the back.

- Probably a little too bohemian but I like the color and the velvet. Cute.

- Elegant dress and it sure looks good on her. The necklace gives a peculiar touch and it was a good choice.

- This picture depresses me. Look at this body? The dress is so pretty, elegant and sexy, good one Jenny!

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