MTV EMAs 2012 red carpet looks

In this kind of events there is usually some craziness around, people who like to push it over with weird looks, too mush skin showing, and this if Lady Gaga is not in the house!  But this year MTV EMAs was a little too boring fashion wise.

My favorites Were Rita Ora and Heidi  Klum. Rita because looked stunning in that dramatic red dress. I was not expecting to see her dressed like this at all, but she looked great and beautiful. Heidi, well, as always, is there any anything that looks bad on this woman? She was the one showing more skin but a body like hers needs to be showed. She looked fantastic!
Heidi Klum: Mix feeling around here, it should be illegal to look this good!! I love the dress, the hair, everything. Stunning!!

Rita Ora: I’m really overwhelmed by her look. I thought she would wear something really crazy or trashy and here she is looked so glamorous. The dress is beautiful and looks so good on her. Good one girl!


Anne V: She looks great, but what looks bad in a body like hers? She is a hell of a bomb! This is the kind of dress that would look terrible if it wasn’t for her.


Alicia Keys: I like it even though is too plain for a red carpet event. She is a pretty lady for sure and the dress looks very nice in her.


Taylor Swift: it’s a cute dress, I like the silhouette and the color, but I don’t why, nothing shines too much in this girl. No matter how good she looks for me is just plain, no glamour or sexiness.

Lana Del Rey: What an ugly dress, well it might be ok to wear it in a day event or something but not at a red carpet. She looks my grandmother 40 years ago.

Kim Kardashian: The only thing that pops my mind is Cockroach!! Maybe I’m being too mean but this dress tale is horrible and the cut doesn’t look good on her. I think she likes to look fat because she never wears dresses that straightened her figure.





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