Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Evan Peters

Several emotions occur when I think about Evan Peters, mainly because he is very young still. But these posts does not necessarily have to be up to thirties right?
The first time I saw him was in the show that made ​​him famous, American Horror Story. Beyond brilliant, frightening, and addictive, this show launched Evan as one of the most brilliant actors of his generation. Beyond the amazing role in the first season and now in the second one, Evan Peters has a huge sensuality.

His pale skin, dark eyes full of strength and expression, and his enigmatic smile turns him one of the sexiest actors in TV.

Does anyone ever thought about him to play Christian Grey from the Fifty shades of Grey novel?... hmmm for me he would be perfect for the role!



  1. bem adoro o evan peters. So o conheci quando fez o American Horror story, e o papel dele deixa me fascinada. O ar de bad boy enigmatico.. hum! muito boa referencia !

    Rafaela Avidago

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