Deep Red Nails

A nail polish I can’t live without!

No matter what style you have, no matter what colors you’re wearing, red will always look good!

In the Fall/Winter season I love the deep red nail polish. It’s a must have and therefore is something I really invest. I don’t usually spend a lot of money in fancy brand named polishes but I do like to buy every now and then a good red lacquer.
My Chanel is almost at the end and I will probably try some other brand this time.



  1. I love red color for nails!!! I think they are sexy

  2. Posso variar muito mas vermelho é sempre a minha cor preferida para as unhas.

    Passatempo Cinco a decorrer em

  3. Por acaso é coisa em que eu detesto gastar dinheiro :p

    r: Sabia que ias adorar a t-shirt :p ehehe

  4. Adoro unhas pintadas de vermelho!!!



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