Just in: Christmas gifts!

Check what I get from my loved ones and the gifts I also gave to

My friends and family were very generous with me, as always, and I’m so grateful not only for the pretty gifts I got but also to be able to share this holiday with my love ones. I have a small family but we are all very attached with each other and the same thing with friends.

I want to share with you some of my gifts, besides all these fashion stuff we all love I also got socks and chocolates, oh and a new pajama! As always!

Anyway here are the presents I got and the ones I bought for myself. Every Christmas I buy something for me too because I work my ass off all year so I deserve it!! LOL








  1. Gostei de todos os presentes. Foste uma sortuda :)
    E concordo completamente com a lógica de comprares uma prenda (ou duas :p) de ti para ti :p


  2. Que cosas mas bonitasss

    Muchisimos besos y feliz día.
    Puedes ganar 25$ para la tienda online SAMMYdress con mi sorteo

  3. Santa was really good to you doll great gifts love the handbag.

  4. Já vi que foi um Natal feliz no que toca a prendas, ahaha. Também tenho o casaco de pêlo cinzento, e sou bem feliz com ele!


  5. Wowww!!! Perfect selection! I want it too!!!

    Merry Xmas dear!



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