Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Jamie Dornan

Ladies this is Christian Grey and be careful the following pictures can be dangerously delicious!


There must be a special gene in people of Northern Ireland because men not being particularly beautiful have something really special, attractable and sexy (I speak for myself). Not to mention the musical talent that springs from that land which give them the talent to sing and play music.

But let’s talk about Jamie Dornan, you already realized that he is northern Irish, was chosen to play the famous Christian from the Grey Fifty Shades of Grey saga and already said in a recent interview that is prepared for a frontal nudity in the film. Oops!
Changing subject… this gorgeous actor began as a singer in a folk band, modeled for brands like CK , Dior , Armani , among others , entered in the Sofia Copola film Marie Antoinette, and has participated successfully in numerous television series such as Once Upon A Time , The Land Without Magic and The Fall.
Stay tuned girls because like it or not the books, I think it will be worth to watch the movie... Not convinced yet? Ok check the pictures then!



  1. Wow this post put a smile in my face he so hot.

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  3. Não foi bem este Christian Grey que "idealizei".... mas parece-me bem!

    Christian Grey