Kate Moss Playboy Cover

The cover of the year plus other top models in Playboy

She was never the prettiest, the tallest or the bombshell but she is the best!
There is no model as Kate, she can date bad guys, have addiction problems but her face, her look, will always be craved by the best brands and designers.
Now she was the chosen one to be the cover of Playboy 60th anniversary. And what a cover!! It represents the perfection of what Kate is, the innocence vs. sex.

I couldn’t lose the change of posting this in my blog. I also post some of the best photos or campaigns that turned her into that she is today.

Also check some other top models that covered Playboy in the past!


Iconic Covers: at 15 years old the first cover which launched her carreer and the amazing Vogue cover where Kate is transformed into the famous David Bowie picture.

Famous campaigns: There are so many it’s hard to choose from. The CK campaign was probably one of the most famous and controversial.


Top Models and Playboy: there was always a flirt between top models and the Playboy magazine. Here are some of the most famous ones.
Cindy Crawford

Claudia Shiffer and Naomi Campbell

Elle McPherson and Eva Herzigova

Stephanie Seymour

Anouk Lepere and Lily Cole


  1. I love Kate!


  2. Siempre única y bellísima!!!
    Un beso!


  3. Amazing cover. Kate Moss looks awesome


  4. kate moss is my favesies model :)
    <3 victorique