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The last days of sale at my favorite store!

Bimba y Lola is in the last days of sales so I went to the nearest store to see what might still be worth buying!

Of course it will not be hard to guess that I found myself with a lot of accessories in my hands not knowing what to do ... to buy or save the money for the new collection?
I ended up making a selection and bring some pieces that were with fantastic tag prices.
Bimba y Lola is one of my favorite stores and the best one for sales because the price difference is really significant.
I left the store with two sandals, the red pair I mention in the last post, and a silver one good to combine with all the colors. I also bought a pink leopard print tennis shoes that I fell in love with!
Then I got a shopping bag from the print edition as well as a scarf with the same print. Finally,a necklace and two bracelets from the Costa Rica collection.
I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I do! kisses


  1. Isso é que é aproveitar os saldos :p
    Não havia as sandálias em dourado (o tacão é um bocadinho diferente!)? Sou louca por elas!

  2. No Colombo acho que não porque não estavam expostas se bem que às vezes têm mais modelos guardados. Tb gosto mto dessas são lindas! São ligeiramente mais altas :) bjs