In Love With… Zara snake print blazer

Can´t get you out of my head!

Stores just started the sales season and I’m already drawling with the new collection.
I can’t take my eyes off of this blazer. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

You know when we have something in our head that we just can’t forget about it? That’s exactly how I feel about this blazer.

The price is €59.95 what makes it fairly affordable so I predict this item will flow out of the stores pretty quick.



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  3. Ai se eu o encontro em saldos!!! Ando-o a namorar desde o primeiro dia...

  4. O blazer é incrível, assim como o resto do look :)

    E agora fiquei com a música da Kylie Minogue na cabeça, por causa do título xD

  5. I've always hated reptile print (snake, cobra, lizzard, etc), but last season I found a pair of grey jeans from Zara with snake print and since then I've been hooked. With that being said, this blazer you've featured definitely is a classic piece and I do think it'll be quite a hit! x

    Lubna | ELLE VOX

  6. É realmente uma peça daquelas de perder a cabeça, sofisticado e muito elegante, um toque perfeito a um outfit e uma óptima alternativa ao leopardo bem mais visto e extravagante.