Sport Luxe: Joggers Trend!

Would you dare to use joggers with stilettos?

We all know how sport clothes mixed with casual clothes became such a trend. From varsity jackets with blouses, football t-shirts with blazers, tennis shoes with skirts, etc… but what about joggers and stilettos?

Well, we don’t necessary need to use these pants with stilettos even though a lot of the sport luxe style fans do but it’s a fact that sporty pants such as joggers, sweat pants or tracking pants are seen as normal pants that can be worn outside the gym.

Take a look at some style pictures and if you are interested check my shopping list.




  1. Adoro!!! Tenho umas e são super confortáveis.


  2. Não usaria saltos altos com umas calças de fato-de-treino quaisquer! Mas se for bem pensado, fica muito giro :)