Primark swimwear collection

Fun, cute and cheap options for summer time!

I´m not apologist of buying cheap swimwear with poor quality because my summer days are usually spent at the beach and as we know the ocean salty water damages the swimwear very fast.

But on the other hand quality is synonymous of higher prices and this kind of fabrics requires a specific durability.

Once is also very important to have emergency swimwear pieces, just in case there is an accident with your bikini or swimsuit, why not go for the two options? A quality and more expensive piece and a couple of emergency ones that you can use not only with this intend but also for variety and fun.

Primark new collection is perfect in this subject, the swimwear collection is very cute, fun, and super cheap. Take a look and tell me if it’s not worth to try it!


  1. Nice collection!


  2. Me gusta la coleccíon. un beso

  3. So many beautiful options, I can't wait for hot summer days or a holiday to wear some of these :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. Adoro a coleção de banho da Primark!! :)

    R de Rita