Just in: new necklaces and earrings

As some of you already know, time to time I have to add new stuff to my jewelry collection. Necklaces have been my fixation lately and I have been buying more necklaces than anything else.

This time though I found some cool earring too that I couldn’t resist.

Check my new stuff. Hope you like it as much as I do!

Zara necklace €19.99
As soon as I put my eyes on this necklace I knew it would be mine. I adore this necklace.

Massimo Dutti necklace €29.95 – NOW is €19.95!!
Plus it’s really light, it’s like if you´re not wearing anything in your neck. The best thing is that I got this necklace in sale!

Mango necklace €19.99
I wanted a black statement necklace and I decided to get this one from Mango. I love the spikes!

Bazaar à Porter necklace €22.95
This necklace is from a Facebook page that I love called Bazaar à Porter. They have real nice things, t-shirts, dresses, jewelry, etc. I don’t know if they ship outside Portugal but take a look because they have so many cool things. Click here to go Bazaar Facebook page.

Mango necklace €35.99
This Mango necklace was in my mind since the beginning of the season but I was trying to resist because of the price. I know when I try to resist too much I end up falling into temptation so here it is, it’s mine!

Pedra Dura earrings €32
Pedra Dura is a Portuguese store that I’ve been a client forever. I love all their stuff and the good thing is that you can find in their stores so many different styles of jewelry. My last purchase was this stunning earrings that I’m so in love with. Check their Facebook page here.


  1. Só novidades lindas lindas lindas! Amei tudo, mas esses brincos da Pedra Dura conquistaram-me completamente.. A verdade é que não há nada como statements para implementar um outfit!


  2. amazing necklaces!! love all of them


  3. I love the pink/yellow/white necklace. The colors pop so well together and is the perfect statement to a simple look.


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  4. Oh wow, great stuff! Love the mango necklace :)

    xo Anouk

  5. Lovely pieces!

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  6. love all of them