Identify bracelets – Personalize your wrists!

I bet most of you have already seen a lot of bloggers with strap bracelets with letters. Since I am a bracelet freak, the first time I saw it, I immediately tried to find out what brand was it or where could I buy it.

These bracelets were created by Identify, a brand from Florence, who had the idea to create a bracelet that is easily identifiable through personalization. The brand began by approaching bloggers that start posting looks with these lovely bracelets.

All bracelets are made of leather and the letters are gold plated and manually made.
Check the website and choose yours!


  1. A t-shirt é da chicwish.

  2. Great inspirations dear!! Thanks for visiting me!! Kisses

  3. Aww the bracelet really look very cute (: xx

  4. These photos are inspiring.Thanks for sharing.These bracelets are completely on my shopping list now haha :)
    Nice blog btw