Miley´s haircut and the pixie style

I haven’t talk about Miley´s new look yet for two reasons: First because I thought it would be too early. We women know that the first day out of the salon is not the same as some days after the salon… Hair changes and the cut finally get its own movement only after a couple of days. Second, because it’s her hair and she does what she wants, like it or not. But that doesn’t mean we can’t let our opinion out right?

The new haircut it’s bad. Or let me rephrase it…. Looks bad on her. Miley´s round face is not exactly the right face for that haircut. Also the colour and consistency is weird, and the cut itself looks poorly done (have you seen it from the back?).

I understand she wants to embrace a new style but it was a bad move on this one.  Anyway I think she probably thought it would end up something better than what it is. And I also think it gets worse whenever she decides to take some silly pictures with a punk attitude. We have a lot of examples of celebrities who have done the pixie haircut and didn’t need to act like if suddenly they are Ramones’s daughters.
Actually there are some great examples of pixie haircuts that looked awesome and worked really good. Check below!

Michelle Williams

Sienna Miller

Carey Mulligan

Ashlee Simpson

Agyness Deyn

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