Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Gary Lightbody

I don’t quite know how to start. But perhaps the best way to start talking about Gary Lightbody, the front man of the band Snow Patrol, is by saying that he is probably the most polite person in the music industry. Friendly, fun, educated, and passionate about music and life in general. Gary is a dreamer, just like the ones we can only find in fairy tales.
This is why Gary has a legion of dedicated fans that are so in love and dedicated to their idol. And he doesn’t disappoint anybody because he is always around the fans, chatting and taking pictures.

I can’t say he is an incredible beautiful man, but he is soooo damn cute. And in case of any doubt just check some videos and capture his smile, is not difficult once he is always with a smile on his cute face. And let me know if he does or doesn’t have one of the most beautiful smiles in the world?

I confess I am one of his fans. More than that, he is one of those platonic loves that has been growing with me.
What would I say if I ever meet him? Probably if he wants to go chasing cars with me!

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