Just in: Great find! Super cheap mirror sunglasses

I was looking for a pair of mirror sunglasses. I love the style and it´s super trendy right now.

The problem though is that I Know it would be a summer desire that soon goes away. There are a bunch of brands with these sunnies like Ray Ban or Carrera but to be honest I didn’t want to spend that much in a pair of sunglasses. I know I won’t wear it for long.

I was almost forgetting this subject when I suddenly found these two precious super cheap sunglasses.

I first saw the Stradivarius ones for €9.99, I couldn’t believe the price and how cool they fit in the face. After a couple of days I found these black frame Pull & Bear sunnies for the exact same price.

Now I have two pair of mirror sunglasses that are so cool, so cheap and works perfectly for these short summer months. Look inside!!



  1. Super baratos!!!


  2. These are so cool, I'll have to get a pair.


  3. Amazing sunnies! So trendy:)


  4. I love the pull and bear ones!! xx


  5. I think trend items should be bargain finds , love this post and your selection.

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