Blue mascara! The perfect touch of irreverence for your summer days.

I am a bit conservative about makeup. I like to use a foundation, a bronze powder in summer, mascara, and if I put some lipstick on, what’s rare, I only like to use a natural glowing one.

One of the lately trends is to use colored mascara especially blue mascara. If at first I did not like it, now I’m a super fan. I try it on and it´s really cool.

Even if you don’t like this kind of colorful makeup, a touch of color in the lashes gives the enough
irreverence to come out of our comfort zone and do something different that actually will end up looking real good.




  1. I think it looks really pretty on the girls with blue eyes! I want to try;)



  2. wow it looks amazing on cara!
    great post

  3. You have a nice blog! is very interesting! I will return here! a kiss

  4. hello!! I will do one tutorial with any makeups, really i love!!



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