Girls I Really Like: Kate Beckinsale

English accent

Sometimes is difficult to find a person with all these qualities: talented, beautiful, stylish and sexy.

Kate Beckinsale is one of the few women that can be defined by any of these adjectives; after all even in Hollywood the majority of the actors can only commune around two of these qualities (in my opinion of course).
With 42 years old, and a big list of blockbusters in her career, kate is also a mom, super dedicated to her daughter, and has a great sense of style. As you can see in some of the pictures she can been seen super simple but always trendy.
She is the kind of person that with a white t-shirt, some skinny jeans, and high heels can look like a million dollar girl.




  1. Que inveja, ahahaha, pois eu sei que é feio, mas foi o que surgiu imediatamente na minha mente!!

    Bom dia!!

  2. Nossa, que linda! Amei os looks <3
    Um beijo

    Dicas para Todas

  3. adoro-a! super linda e com imenso estilo :D

  4. Adoro adoro, ela é linda!
    Gosto imenso dela e dos looks!
    Segui o teu blog, se puderes segue o meu também :)

  5. Nossa, quanto look lindo! Amei a inspiração!