The Met ball gala 2015

My 10 favorite dresses

I know that everyone probably have seen all the pictures and the dresses of the Met ball but I always like to pick my favorites.
In this event fashion is took to the limit! Sometimes it works, other times not so much LOL.
I’m might be getting old though because my favorites were the most “normal” dresses of the evening.
Amal Alamuddin in John Galliano
I really like this dress. I’m not so into ruffles but these are made so beautiful and I love the body sequins.

Dakota Johnson in Chanel
This girl is getting better and better. She never risks too much but she always looks good. This time she risked a little more by using a short dress in a gala, but I adore the silver and black sequins with the deep heart-shaped neckline.

Hannah Bagshawe in Valentino

The reason I like this dress is the minimal look which also brings the Chinese theme of the night. Plus this couple is so damn cute!

Elizabeth Banks in Michael Kors
Common do you see this abbs?? She is 41, mother of two, and she looks sexy as hell without being trashy or showing too much! Plus the color of this dress is amazing and stands up among all those carnival dresses we saw in this red carpet.

Georgia May Jagger in Gucci
What can be more Chinese theme like than a kimono? I love the entire look, the dress, the head piece, the hair style. It’s a picture perfect for time.

Julianne Moore in Givenchy
This dress is so elegant!! Have you seen the top body carefully? The little fringes and the way it suits to Julianne´s body is so perfect.

Katie Holmes in Zac Posen
This woman can be stunning when she really wants to. It’s not the most beautiful dress in the planet but she looks fabulous. The back of the dress is amazing and the new bob hair cut it’s a plus.

Kendall Jenner in Calvin Klein
Sexy and elegant. She is showing a little side boob but she covers what needs to be covered! I love this dress, and the color is different because green is never a typical color to wear in this kind of galas. But its Calvin Klein right?? It can’t look bad?

Besides loving the nude color this glamourous dress has a stunning design full of lines tracing the statuesque stunner's figure of this super model.

Sienna Miller in Thakoon
This two piece outfit could go very wrong, but nothing goes wrong in Sienna´s. What a great choice, full of creativity, elegance and also surprisingly well fit.



  1. Adorei sua seleção!
    Os melhores looks <3
    Um beijo

    Dicas para Todas

  2. Hello. I like Katie Holmes and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. kiss you.

  3. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks gorg!x
    Jess x

  4. Great fav choices, Ana. Katie Holmes is one of my fav too and Kendall is such a beautiful girl. :)

  5. pessoalmente não fiquei muito impressionada... o vestido da Amal lembra-me sevilhanas... e a Katie Holmes de volta ao bob...


  6. Apenas gostei do fato da Hannah

  7. sienna miller look was my favourite !

  8. adorei a Rosie, estava liiinda! :D

  9. Apesar da tua selecção mostrar vestidos que poderão ser considerados mais elegantes do que outros que deram para rolar muita tinta, a verdade é que a maioria destes também pecam por não corresponderem ao tema deste ano que era a china. O objectivo é ser mais criativo e se na moda não podemos aplicar arte, em que mundo estamos nós?