In Love With… Eva

Tom Ford´s aviator sunglasses


I don’t have any pair of Tom Ford´s sunglasses, not because I don’t like it, actually I love the design, but because I always end up buying some other brand, normally more affordable. But this model....

... It’s really awesome! First of all I´ve always loved the aviator model, now imagine the refinement and glamour of Tom Ford glasses with this design.
The Eva Pilot model is part of the recent collection, as I already said it’s an aviator shape and also feature the cross nose bridge we can identify in some of Tom Ford's models.

Then there's another detail, I’ve tried them on and they look great, not too big, not small…. Just perfect! I blame the girl that works in the Sun planet store I normally go to, whenever she said “oh you need to see this new Tom Ford pair that just arrived!”… Shame on you girl! Now I really want my first pair!




  1. Good ideas I am looking for new ones.

  2. These sunglasses look amazing! I'm a big fan of the aviator model myself, and I'm loving the crossed bridge. It's so unique and glamourous.

    Jasmin xx

  3. Bem giros! Adoro esse formato de óculos ;)


  4. são giros, mas eu sempre preferi óculos com armaçao 'substancial' xD


  5. Beautiful sunglasses!
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  6. Gostei muito Ana, mas sabes o preço médio deles? É que no ano passado experimentei uns e quase desmaiava quando soube o preço!!!!! Bj