Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson is one of those actors that although having participated in many movies and worked with great actresses, he ends up being forgotten and we gets back to our memory when suddenly we saw him in another movie.

Want some examples? Patrick did movies such as: Young Adult with Charlize Theron; Morning Glory with Rachel McAdams; Insidious with Rose Byrne; Passengers with Anne Hathaway and Little Children with Kate Winslet, these latter two being my favorites.
I confess that I end up forgetting about him as well so more than a good reason to put him on my list of Men You Shouldn’t Ignore. And why? Because Patrick it’s handsome, sexy and very cute. It's the kind of actor that easily captivates our attention without having great roles or characters. I love his relaxed look at the same time the good looking guy with blonde hair and blue eyes, not to mention his mysterious and super sexy smile.




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