Girls I Really Like: Miroslava Duma

If you read this blog, or any other, I’m sure you know who Miroslava Duma is. She has become an international fashion icon, idolater by every blogger and a presence in the most famous fashion shows and magazines.

She was an editor for Harper’s Bazaar Russia and now she writes for several magazines such as Russia’s OK Magazine, Tattler, Glamour and others. She also has her own blog called Buro 24/7. Too bad though is all written in Russian.

What makes Miroslava such an icon? Definitely her style and her closet. She has all the best clothes you can imagine, but more than that, she knows how to use them together. She also represents the anti stigma of the super tall, blonde models. Her petite figure is not a problem at all. She is beautiful and knows how to stand out with her amazing fashion taste.

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