Girls I Really Like (GIRL): Olivia Palermo

I tried not to talk about her in the first post about my favourite girls but it was very hard to resist. Olivia Palermo is the blogger’s Diva from around the world.

But, who is she? And how did she become a fashion icon? Well, it all began with the MTV show “The City”, a reality show that followed her career in New York. She worked as RP for Diane Von Furstenberg and later for the American Elle magazine. After the show has ended she created her own blog and her own necklace line, in a partnership with Roberta Freeymann.
Fashion editorials love her and considerer her one of the most stylish young woman in the world.

I personally love her style. There is nothing that looks bad on her. She is more than obviously one of the best dressed it girl and a trend setter.

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