Gucci Jaguar collection: As classy as can be!

Gucci has launch a woman´s collection where jaguar print can be found in a diverse range of products.

I first fell in love with the Buckle bag and clutch that are absolutely amazing but as you can see there a lot of other items in this collection that are elixir for the soul.


It’s impossible not to be in love with such classy and sophisticated collection.







  1. Esta colecção é realmente to die for! Se só pudesse mesmo escolher uma, que viessem os sapatinhos lindos e perfeitos!


  2. Love the whole collection, but the first bag is amazing!!


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  3. Such a lovely collection, leopard prints are totally hot! xx

  4. beautiful collection. I love the booties, they are gorgeous.
    Thanks for visiting my blog

  5. gosto, mas só nao gosto dos preços.
    ps: se gostares, segues o meu blog?
    espero nao estar a ser incomodativa.


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