Headbands Style

A trend I will try to follow more this Summer

Some say the headbands trend started along with Gossip Girl character Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester. I don’t know if it’s true but in fact it girls and celebrities started using this accessory more often after the show began.

To me it's not an accessory I can use regularly, because I'm too picky with my hair, but I have to admit that I love some of the looks. Whether it’s romantic, hipster, ultra-thinor with flowers or other adornments, there are styles for everyone.

I think this summer I will try to use more the headbands trend, especially on weekends,at the beach and even for a casual look in anight out. What do you think?




  1. I love them. I'm going to buy some for this summer :)

  2. They are so stylish!!! Great pictures



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